Social Psychology

Social psychologists are interested in how people interact with each other and how they are influenced by their social environment. They examine individuals, groups and group behavior, attitudes, prejudices, and the formation and change in these constructs. They study on topics such as friendship, close relationships, attraction and aggression. Social psychologists mostly work in academic settings. However, in recent years, they have been working as researcher-consultants in advertising companies, hospitals, educational institutions, architecture and engineering firms and various public fields.

In the undergraduate program, Experimental Psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychometry, Social Psychology and Cultural Psychology courses have been taught. Starting from 3rd year, the program provides the students many theoretical and partly application-oriented sub-field elective courses and research oriented courses that provide students a chance to actively participate in the projects carried out in the research laboratories of the department. Our department is one of the leading institutions in psychology education in our country where MA and PhD programs are opened every year in line with the opportunities and needs.

Our students have carried on studies in cooperation with national and international psychology students. They have also organized many scientific and social activities inside and outside the university and provided guidance to the new students in the process of adaptation to the university through the Community of Psychology Students. The Community is located in the “Student Study Room” in the department.